Completed projects organized by date of construction as well as type of project.


Projects that involved technical restoration to a specific date of interpretation.



Location: Little Rock, AR | Project Date: 2004, 2005, 2007 - A three-phase site enhancements project for Historic Arkansas Museum, a museum of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. Phase I: Improvements made to the log house site including removal of existing parking, infrastructure improvements and trolley stop/restroom addition, completed in 2004. Phase II: Renovations and additions to the Pemberton Log House including a rear porch addition, handicapped accessibility and site enhancements including a salvaged/relocated log barn, relocation and restoration of a single-pen log cabin, new log smokehouse, and historic fencing, all of which were completed in 2005. Phase III: Site enhancements for the Brownlee House Lot including reconstruction of the original ca. 1850’s kitchen and smokehouse from archaeological evidence as well as a new privy and fencing. This phase also included renovation of Cromwell Hall in the main exhibit building into a permanent exhibit space and was completed in 2007.